on the elevator this morning…

Even though she was walking terribly slowly in front of me, right in the center of foot traffic, I still held the elevator to let her on. As I had done her this kindness, she decided to confide in me. She says to me in a hushed, almost conspiratorial voice, “I get cold, so I gots to have my coffee. Then I get hot, so I has my ice. It’s a personal thing.”

She was indeed carrying a small cup of coffee in her hands and had a large cup of ice on her breakfast tray. The size of the cup of ice dwarfed that of the coffee cup, making me wonder if she adds the ice to the coffee, chews on it to cool down or just places the cubes where they will be the most effective.

My right palm’s itching this morning was right as I found $5 in the metro on the way to work. I just hope the person that lost it isn’t in need.

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