Office Pet Peeve #683

When our team has a higher than normal workload, for some reason all the requests starting coming in as high priority requests to which we joke, “It’s all high priority!”

There are some people around the office that we think would never get the joke. We use MS Outlook for our e-mail system and there are some employees here that believe every single message they send out is meant to be marked High Priority. They fail to realize a few things, however…

  • Outlook only adds a tiny little ! onto the message and a tiny little note saying This message was sent with High importance.
  • If all of your messages are marked High Priority, chances are you’re the only one who thinks so.

Perhaps the worst thing is that the little red exclamation point attaches itself to the message so when you forward it or reply, it’s still marked High Priority long past the point that anyone cares. And it’s not that some of the messages I get aren’t very important, but I usually know which ones they are and they’re usually not marked High Priority. This seems like a perfect segue to close on a YouTube video:

And a quick P.S. Just like a driver’s license and wearing spandex — carbon copying (cc:) others on e-mails for matters which they aren’t responsible for is a privilege, not a right. And forwarding a message to someone that was already on that message’s distribution list is simply unacceptable. The price you pay for any of these sins should be that I get to collect your f–king head, or at least knock you back to using the phone and pen & paper for a week. That’d learn ya.

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