missed disasters

“Japan finds itself in crisis, with our society and culture temporarily reverting to a pre-cyberunification era,” said Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, communicating non-telekinetically for the first time in his nearly 150 years of post-cryogenic life. “Though many citizens have been limited to algorithm-based emotion detection, neutron baths, speed limits below the speed of light, and other barbaric inconveniences for over a week now, I promise we will pull through.”

On the less fake tip, I think it’s time to cull my LiveJournal default view list. I have a lot of people and communities there that should probably be moved to their own lists. I missed reading about my friend BK’s accident over the weekend because of the other things that had pushed his Saturday afternoon posting about it back a page or two. It was only not seeing him around the gulag on Monday that made me wonder where the heck he was. At his height, he’s hard to miss standing up, and at my height, I can pretty much see most everyone even when they’re sitting down, which apparently both of us were doing with pain yesterday, though my soreness was self-inflicted… well Justin-inflicted anyway.

There must be something in the air, as I’ve seen a lot of people writing about moving or removing their journals from areas that imply social network to their own domain or to other spots in the blogosphere that are less “me too!” and more “i dig what you do.” There won’t be a “mass de-friending” as seems to cause such drama on LJ, but there are some people I’ll be reading more often than others. People I’ve met in person, people I regularly talk to virtually, people whose lives I should be caught up on. There really are no set guidelines, but I think I’m at my limit of feeling that livejournal, like other social networking sites, has made the concept of friendship a little too easy.

This might not be the best time for me to do this as I feel I’m experiencing a bit of a social reversal of fortune lately. Instead of hearing “what do you want to do this weekend?” on Thurs/Fri, I hear “what did you do this weekend?” the following Monday often times to which the answer “nothing” is not an exaggeration.

Still, vacation looms on the horizon and I hope to come back refreshed and ready to close out the summer.

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