Design vs. Content

This is the trap I usually fall into when I’m changing the look of my websites, I get so focused in design and how things should look that I totally forget to continue creating content, which for this site is just plain’ bloggin’ what’s going on. Later in this entry I’ll point out where things will be found.

Yesterday was SUCH a good day for my mind and spirit. Yes, I spent my day off doing chores at home, but it’s just so nice sometimes NOT to have to go into the office. When I took my clothes to the cleaners, the streets were kinda empty in my neighborhood. Both weird and refreshing at the same time. Unfortunately a lot of the “clutter” in my apartment is dirty laundry, so getting a few loads of that done was a blessing, and taking work clothes out to be done allowed me to better prioritize the “plain wash” — now I’m stocked up on clean undies and socks!

Otherwise, it was a total bum day, I watched a lot of tv and Tivo, puttered around the house, cleaned up the kitchen, did spot cleaning in the bathroom (it was scrubbed head to toe this past weekend) and then sat around a lot of the time trying not to get all snacky. I feel like my eating’s been out of control lately. I eat when I’m bored, when I’m upset, when I’m… breathing and I’m not exercising to keep my metabolism up with the intake. So basically I feel like a big fat pig and if spring rolls around and I can’t fit into my cute clothes, I probably just won’t leave the house at all.

And in other news, my iPod seems to be totally unable to hold a charge overnight even when not in use. So it looks like it’s time to upgrade that, too. I wish I had a boyfriend to buy me “just the right gift” right now…

And now for the, um.. 9 readers of my syndicated feed, and random other web surfers, a little walk around the new design:

Sort of inspired by LiveJournal, the main page has just the one post. Most people read the info through RSS and Syndication as it is, that having just the single post on the front page helps keep the design clear, and just below it are links to previous posts and recent comments and “asides” — little posts that are usually small thoughts or links, they can still be commented on, but I like being able to throw “blurbs” on the page without breaking up the larger posts.

Further down the page are my tags in a weighted format a la flickr and my recent flickr photos and recent tracks listened to. I’m still using the very basic template with default colors and images, and I plan to set aside some time to come up with my own header graphic (unless MiKe wants to design something for me) and color scheme but other things are taking precedent, like the fact that I can actually SEE the floor in my apartment and that floor space is growing day by day.

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3 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    I like this site design Brian. I didn’t read your whole post, but is this a template or your own creation? The layout is nice and similar to the direction I’m going in for my redesign (yes, I know it’s been months in the making). I just downloaded WordPress 2.0 on my G5 and have everything running on the Apache server, it’s just getting everything where I want, all CSS tested and security settings locked in before launching. I’m shooting for mid-February. Again, kudos on the redesign and keep up the good posting.

  2. Brian says:

    Thanks J.

    I honestly wish I were talented enough to do this on my own, but it’s a template, Squible. Very customizable with some built in plugins, and good integration with other plugins. Check out this flickr group pool to see what others have done with it after tinkering.

  3. Jason says:

    Thanks for the information. I’m currently using portions of it for my redesign.

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