on the elevator this morning…

“What a good healthy breakfast!” she said to me, noticing my tray with eggs, bacon, milk and cereal. I smiled and said “I’m trying to be good, eating a somewhat balanced breakfast instead of just having coffee…” It was at that moment I realized that the nice young woman in front of me was holding nothing more than her purse and a cup of coffee.

She said, “Gee, thanks!” half-jokingly and I backpedaled saying that I’d likely be back down myself in an hour or so for some coffee, thankful for the fact that my skin tone makes it difficult to see when I’m blushing and that it was a very short ride from that moment to my floor.

Yeah, even I’m not immune from saying crazy things to people in the morning but to my credit, I was nursing a heck of a hangover…

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  1. Michael says:

    Now I know what to get you for your birthday, peppermint shoes! 😆

    Like I can talk, the conversation sounds like something I would say.

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