My Humps(day)

From this morning’s IM:

[08:34] urban bohemian: One other thing I hate about this job…
[08:34] hopeless khowaga: good morning?
[08:34] urban bohemian: I got cruised *hard* on the metro this morning in addition to there being tons of hot guys on the train. And I have no one here to talk about it with.
[08:34] urban bohemian: Oh yeah, so far it is. 🙂

[08:36] hopeless khowaga: Sooo… was the guy hot?
[08:36] hopeless khowaga: Oh, god, i just wrote, “Was the guy hard?” More coffee, please!
[08:36] urban bohemian: He was in a slightly-older-guy kinda way.
[08:36] urban bohemian: It was weird, he got on the train and smiled and winked (obviously) in my direction, but I thought he was just greeting the girl seated in front of me.
[08:37] urban bohemian: He went down to the other half of the car to sit down and while I made a note of where he was, I didn’t think too much of it. When he disembarked, he walked back to my 1/2 of the car to exit there, gave me another look and a smile and even turned around to smile through the window.
[08:38] urban bohemian: Of course the inherent dilemma is just like cruising someone while driving. Not a whole lot one can do.

[08:42] hopeless khowaga: Wow, that’s pretty, um… that’s a nice way to start the day 😉

Yes… yes it is. I, of course, ponder posting a craigslist ad about it, but of course the last person to express that much interest in me on metro was Jason and we know how that ended up. Still, I won’t exactly avoid checking the missed encounters listings myself, maybe… I dunno, do I post an ad or not? Sadly I didn’t save the details in my brain as I usually would, but I’m sure I could come up with something so he’d know it was me. Assuming he even checks CL. Chris says whatever I post can’t be worse than his neck of the woods. As DCist doesn’t have a similar category, I can’t retaliate.

More important is the fact that I’ve got no one here at the office to really dish with. With all the people that have left, our contract is, for lack of a better term, a sausage party — and not in the good way. There were quite a few distractions on the train this morning, some of them wearing badges indicating they work for the same agency I do. I think I’ve said this before, I need to “run late” more often, the eye candy on the metro is so much nicer a little later in the a.m.

Gonna be a scorcher today, ugh.

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7 Responses

  1. William Mize says:

    Dear Penthouse Letters…There I was, on the morning train. He winked in my direction…

    I double dog dare you to put out a Craigslist ad.

    I know it’s bad form going immediately to the triple, without the single or the double, but there you go.

    Sometimes you can’t stand on formality around here.

  2. shindo says:

    Brian, I’m impressed! Good luck! 🙂

    The follow up story should be fun.

  3. Fredo says:

    Sausage party? Wouldn’t that usually be a good thing? 😉

    • Brian says:

      Usually yes, but I’m surrounded by married straight men. Not the kinda guys that I wanna come into the office and talk about the hot guys I was cruising on the metro.

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