Overpacking is my gay-given right!

I finally pulled out the “big” suitcase and looked at it’s capacity versus what I thought I wanted to bring… I am so screwed.

Just like for my week at the beach, I made a list. My problem is that I almost never know how much to bring. The beach was easy since we had a washer/dryer there and I didn’t have to go overboard (bad choice of words) on clothing. Even so, the majority of my items are t-shirts so they roll and fit tightly. My biggest concern right now seems to be shoes. I’m going to need 4 pairs at minimum: formal, sandals, sneakers, workout. These size 13’s take up a lot of room, damnit. And every other second I think of something new to add to the list. Some of this is just keeping my brain on paper. I’d hate to say to myself, “Well of course I’ll bring my camera!” and walk out of here Sunday afternoon without it. I still wonder how I’m going to get most of this stuff into my suitcase, and a carry on bag, and there’s my laptop backpack as well. Gadget geek on travel, beware!

I swung by Pentagon City last night and picked up a new iPod and some books for the trip, “Next” and “Fragile Things” and of course a Sudoku book. Here’s hoping that I won’t have to crack it too much, but I might need a little downtime, you never know. Thursday evening, Gregory and I hit Filene’s Basement and Macy’s and I acquired a new pair of sunglasses as well as some shirts and socks. We probably also lost a few pounds in sweat from wandering around, but the exercise was good for us and gave us room for some amazing paella at Mar de Plata in Dupont. I suspect that location is more expensive than their 14th St one, but it was still yummy. Gregory took a photo with his iPhone, but without proper lighting, any cameraphone is going to suffer, so it didn’t turn out very well.

Yesterday at work was interesting. My brain was definitely ready for vacation. I’d taken my slacks to the cleaners so I wore jeans, which gave me a different attitude as well and the day went by fairly quickly. I got totally stuffed on a hot dog from Five Guys (so much so that I needed alka seltzer in the afternoon) and managed to wrap up everything that needed to be done before I leave. I doubt the place will fall apart in my absence, but maybe a little evil part of me wouldn’t mind if it did. Then again, it just means more to clean up when I return.

Back to packing, and clearing things off the TiVo and ripping more tunes for the iPod. Michael’s preparing a playlist on his iPod for the drive to NYC, so I won’t need one of my own, but I did reserve the right for veto power if his stuff is unpalatable.

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