I’ll take a stand, but I won’t take off from work

This NPR Story has the most information I’ve seen online from a news source, when reading CNN, I was confused because their stories seem to downplay that the final incident was sparked not only by the nooses, but a previous assault at a party. Read up about it, draw your own opinions, and take whatever action you deem appropriate. CNN has an updating page about the story as well as live video from the demonstrations today.

Personally? I knew about the story and the incidents that took place last year, and like many, was fairly unsurprised. I know I should have more faith in people, but convincing me that racism is still a big factor in Louisiana isn’t all that difficult.

What I wasn’t aware of was today being a day for rallies about it, as it’s the day that Mychal Bell would have originally been sentenced. I’ve been a little more concerned with my brother’s condition. Apparently that makes me a bad person because I’m not wearing black today “in support”. I’ve already been called on it by two co-workers. One of them, I asked if they did anything in support of the recent decision in Maryland about gay marriage. The other, I asked if they did anything to turn out for the DC Vote efforts. Apparently neither of those things were on their radar. Additionally I asked why they were in the office instead of out at a rally and added that while they didn’t really need to answer that last one, was my not wearing black really going to make a difference?

I know I’ve been out of the loop for the past few days, but honestly, how about you enlighten me on the issue at hand instead of putting me down for being ignorant of a fashion-centric protest? Don’t just look at me and say, “Duh, Jena 6!” like that explains anything.

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4 Responses

  1. *applause*

    I’ve been all over the place these past few weeks with but have kept the Jen 6 item in my peripheral vision. I applaud those who are getting vocal and rallying around the issue. That said, I think fashion activism is a convenient way for people to connect on an issue; but it’s not my way.

  2. shin says:

    Brian, you’re not a bad person.

    When you have things going on like you’re brother’s situation, silly fashion activism is stupid in comparison. Hopefully, these people so preoccupied with your attire checked in with you to see how your brother’s doing. Maybe you should pick a favorite clothing color, make it show support for Brian day, and have them wear it in support of you. Not to be taken literally, but it sounds like some of your coworkers need to get their heads out of their arses.

    This is one Angelina Jolie could easily do today because most of her wardrobe is black anyway.

    On a lighter note, some day in October is wear your jeans day at the universities to show you’re gay. Nothing makes students go home more quickly to change their pants than when they find out they have jeans on that day.

  3. nola says:

    i live in louisiana (new orleans). i’m not wearing black. none of my coworkers are wearing black. most of my friends are doing today what they do every thursday and, just like every thursday, whatever they’re doing they’re not doing it in jena. not because we’re racist, but because we don’t think jena needs us. besides, anything that has al sharpton involved, in my opinion, has already devolved into a parody.

  4. Lindsay says:

    Thank you for posting that article. Around here the news has been that there are protests, but no specifics as to the events that took place.

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