You want bin bags, send Joss Stone!

It looks like a gorgeous day outside, so naturally I’m inside still waking up and watching my girls. It took a little longer than usual to get their latest offering, and going to the Beeb’s site to check didn’t help as their schedule app is kinda hopeless to follow stuff that’s already aired. Maybe it’s just another way they try to screw over US visitors.

I wasn’t sure which clip to include, actually. There are some great bits left out of the DVD releases that I’m just now seeing, as well as stuff from their specials, but this one from their most recent episode simply couldn’t be left out. I’ve actually been waiting to see it since I read the press release about the new series. It’s a little bit dated, but I’m not sure when these were taped, so it might have been dead-on when they wrote it…

[flv:sendjossstone.flv 470 258]

I think Greg Scarnici does a better job of skewering Britney’s recent troubles with his “Gimme More (Pills)” video. Except he’s a little more toned than she is, he kinda makes her look sexy — aside from the vacant look. His other spoofs are great too, but his commercial for a new hair loss product cracked me up.

I’ll head out later to see Fiesta DC, taking place behind my building as opposed to the other Latin-centric festival yesterday that took place across the street in front. Justin will be there as their on-site nurse, and I’ll check out the schedule of — ok, their website doesn’t seem to have one, so I’ll just get down there when it starts and hopefully I’ll catch the parade.

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