Hands up, anyone who didn’t see this coming…

Subject: The Righteous Judgment of God
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 03:00:18 +0000

Dear Friends,

Last week I groaned when I read how Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill into law in California which foisted homosexuality upon the children of that state through the state school system. The bill was SB777 and it clearly redefines (perverts) what sexuality is, as well as promotes the legitmacy of homosexuality upon children starting from kindergarten on up. He signed the bill on Saturday, October 13th.

Seven days later on October 20th, wildfires broke out across California in several places.

Posted on Daily Kos, this is an excerpt of an e-mail sent out by pastor Matt Trewhella of Missionaries to the Preborn to his flock. I was pretty much waiting on someone to blame the gays for the fires. I fully expect Lisa Lampanelli or similar to come out with the flaming jokes in due time.

I keep hearing that my friends out in that part of the country are still safe, which is a good thing.

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2 Responses

  1. shin says:

    Some people are pieces of work.

    In San Diego, there’s a local nutjob* who’s made similar pronouncements. Ironically, none of gay districts in Southern California cities have been hit, including Hillcrest where this headcase still lives.

    Thanks for your thoughts at this time, Brian. I definitely appreciate it.

    *I didn’t want to give the bugger any web traffic, so here’s a link to SD City Beat’s article on him.

  2. Chris says:

    Wouldn’t it be just as likely that California is burning because Schwartzenegger vetoed the same-sex marriage bill?

    (That is to say, not likely at all in either case)

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