just a few positive things from the week to balance out last night’s frigid walk…

The trailer called “Addiction” is so true. – I’m playing an advance copy of Civilization IV since Amazon hasn’t even shipped mine yet and it is truly captivating. I txt’d Moose the other evening that I’m glad its been released in the cold weather months, so I won’t be missing sunny warm daylight at all. Big improvements in the gameplay and AI, a lot of the annoying features are gone, I *love* the addition of religion though I’m sure some players are just looking to be offended by it. I played my first game last night, pausing to have dinner with Greg (ok, I was playing with one eye on the clock and when it came time to catch the bus I hopped up to put on some shoes, and only then realized that I wasn’t wearing any pants) and came back to win a Space Race victory (my first game must always be won by space race) though I went back for “a few more turns” to eradicate the Americans… (they adopted slavery first, the bastards) – Don’t mess with Mali.

I got a look at Madonna’s video for “Hung Up” this morning, it’s cute but nothing earth-shattering. She’s may be aging well, but she’s still clearly aging. I liked the video ending with them goofing around on a DDR machine. 🙂

My review at work was this week and it went extremely well, we went to Starbucks to discuss things and she told me her vision for the web team and that I’m (un)officially the backup team lead. We don’t really have assistant manager positions or anything, but I think she’ll recommend me for a promotion/increase, and that makes me happy.

Avoiding the Amazon Prime service for the longest time paid off, as they gave me a free 4 month trial of it when I purchased Civ IV and Wonder Woman 2nd and 3rd seasons – so those arrived in one day, not two like they promised, the bastards, and hopefully the French and Saunders dvd collection will be along soon as well. And then I stop shopping for a while aside from necessities as the holidays are coming up and I’ve still two family birthdays to get through. No wait, I do want to buy a bike resistance trainer, I need to get over to Moose’s place and see what kind he has. I see all kinds online for all prices, but I don’t have access to any expert opinions.

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