Happy Fun Ball! — Hour

Did somebody say... DC area folks interested, willing and able, there will be happy hour festivities taking place this evening. At the least I know Moose, Mikey and I are in, so if anyone else is interested, drop any of us a line or a text. We’ll be in the Dupont area and plans are very loose regarding food and all. Sure Halo near Logan Circle is fun, but I feel its still our duty to keep a queer element in Dupont Circle as often as possible. Make all those striped shirt wearing straight boys a little more nervous to walk around unescorted. 😉

So if you’re up for it, send me a text or drop me an e-mail: my name at the .com. It shouldn’t be hard to sort out and I’d love to see y’all out there. It’s been a pretty rough past month or so and I need to unwind. Anyone else need to unwind?

The trick tonight will be to become pleasantly intoxicated, but not so much that I’m unable to get up in the morning and hit the farmers market. I’m in serious need of apples for sauce and pie! Now that it feels more like fall, it’s time to get the scents in my apartment — without the aid of Yankee Candle. :mrgreen:

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