I’m awake! I’m awake! The answer is 12!

Happy New Year!! I’m pretty amazed that I got up at all this morning, even more so that it was hella early. Even after being away from the office for only a week, it feels like I’ve been out of the routine a lot longer. I’m also way behind on my RSS feeds, and journal reading but thankfully my clients have been in and out themselves, so tasks aren’t lagging too much.

My ladies at the Starbucks were completely unfazed by my absence, though one woman did slip me a donut even after I told her I didn’t want one. Oh well, resolutions can begin tomorrow, right? I have to admit that it’s nice to have them know my order and have it ready for me, especially after dealing with so much Starbucks ignorance other places in DC. Though one woman here always calls out drink orders and forgets to say the size. This has the drawback of people having to repeat their orders again, but the benefit of me sometimes not being charged what I should be for my drink — I tip the difference when I have cash.

It’s a Wednesday that feels like a Monday. It was freezing with snow flurries this morning. I have a great New Order (and side projects) fan-mix on my iPhone. The office is slow and the day should coast by. How’s the first workday of the New Year going for y’all?

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