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all the small things

After taking off about a month from the blog and writing to just, I don’t know… collect myself to face 2017 and take some time off for the holiday, I’m back to it. Today’s tale is about me suddenly realizing the right way (for me) to do laundry after all these years.


2009: high spirits and a full belly

</2008> <2009> I was told that my last two posts were a little on the Ebenezer Scrooge side. Personally, I think the person that thought that can bite my shiny metal ass, but in this weather they might have trouble...


The Year of Brian?

Well, it sounds better than The Weekend of Brian, right? That’s what it seems to be, however. Fri/Sat, I got yet another much needed break and visited Justin’s family at the Chesapeake. We had dinner at Stoney’s (oh those crab...


Snappy Shoes Dear!

Since I may be well too lubricated to make a post at midnight, I wish everyone a very Happy (and safe) New Year! See ya in 2007!