Brian takes a quiz!

100%ALCOHOLIC This seemed an appropriate quiz to take on New Year’s Eve and turns out I probably need an intervention!

Knowing about drinks and booze is a foodie thing, I swear! FOODIE! 😉 I rarely do quizzes or memes or polls, but this seemed like a fun way to pass a little time. I’ve had a cosmo already and then made a 73 Bus (equal parts gin, cran juce and triple sec), and I’ll be heading out soon enough for the party and to ring in the new year. Maybe there’s time for another cocktail.

How are y’all ringing it in? Right now I’m just enjoying the Twilight Zone marathon, my brother even called to remind me. Not that I needed it, but it’s one of the old-school/geeky things we have in common. And it’s really a 48-hour marathon, all freakin’ night long. So even if I end up home early, I might be sitting in bed watching Rod Serling give solemn and articulate intros to vignettes that could only take place… in the Twilight Zone.

*cue theme music…

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