Foggy Day in DC

Foggy, in a fog, haven’t the foggiest… all very appropriate phrases for today, for me at least. Oddly enough I had a good night’s sleep last night, though in terms of dreams it was very strange. Some very odd tales, including being asked to dinner by a speaker on Gay Jewish History right in the middle of his presentation. In others I was the kept boy of a closted (yet very hunky) country/western singer, and my family was performing a heist on a genetics laboratory. They weren’t all very clear, and I have no idea what any of them are meant to mean! I broke from tradition and set all of my computers to sleep mode so the room was very silent last night — I’ve gotten used to the sound of the fans — but it seems to have worked well for getting my brain to shut down. I may have to try some more guided sleep meditations as well, since usually having nothing to occupy my mind at all is just as bad as over-stimulation since thoughts will pop into existence to fill the void.

For the most part though, today is a cranky day. I took another photo of the office today, shrouded in smoke and fog, I’ll see how it comes out later. Somewhere in one of my books is an older sci-fi story about fog and how it’s not really fog but the by-product of weakened points between alternate dimensions. The main character is in San Francisco and suddenly finds himself totally lost in the fog, so returns to the bar he was in. He ends up talking to someone from another reality who explains the process to him and wishes him luck in getting back to his hotel.

Perhaps when I walked through the fog this morning, I traded places with an alternate me. A very very cranky one. I have a big project to handle today at the office, so I don’t have time for distraction. I haven’t turned around from my monitor all morning, the usual indicator of “I am busy.” Since getting in, however, there have been a large number of occurrences, all slowly adding to the annoyance factor. Excessively loud and long personal phone calls, the guy in the next desk over constantly belching and not excusing himself, loud conversations, unanswered cell phones, people moving around my desk giving off body language that says “pay attention to me!” and I don’t have time for any of it. It amazes me how many people are quick to complain about the work environment here but easily contribute to the problem. If it’s noisy, control your noise level, this would seem to be a simple enough idea.

There’s probably a good dose of nerves as well, as an unexpected situation has arisen and I’ve had to make a difficult decision that I first pondered about 7 months ago and finally went through with today. It’s sort of a good news/bad news. It will solve a problem, so long as I’m careful a year or so from now.

I’m still determined to make 2008 a good year, it’s just a rocky start is all. There are things I want to accomplish and I’ll be able to do so. Right now I just need to take a deep breath and find some focus… and not kill any co-workers today. 😈

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  1. shindo says:

    Dreams are strange things. However, it may be best to leave some questions unanswered. Though, the dream about the country singer sounds like fun.

    Alt-Brian: don’t give in to your desire to kill your co-workers. I’m sure that’s how things work in the other universe, but not this one.

    Hopefully, the Brian in our universe is back soon.

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