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Aretha Franklin album, Get it Right

I barely pay attention to the screen when I set Pandora, actually its mashup cousin, to a station and let it go, but some of my recent choices have been pulling up really old school tunes. While switching tabs in Firefox I took a look at what was playing and saw this album. The mind boggles. But looking at the album cover, it’s a very typical style of the “what I sang was called ‘soul’ and now it’s ‘r&b’ and I’m still here!” divas making their forays through the 80s. And what a fun time that was… an era so fun that we barely ever emulate it because that wasn’t kitschy, it was just embarrassing!

I’m not a fan of financial gurus because it seems like one of the way they manage to keep making money is by maintaining the mantra, “anything for a buck.” Like the new Hyundai commercials where the financial experts are not exactly advising people that they should buy a new car, but talking about what to do with the money they’ll save buying one. Excuse me? I don’t ever recall seeing “buy a new car” on a list of financial do’s, however I’m sure that “get paid for a Hyundai ad” must have been on it. Still the one I do and don’t like because his book titles are both honest and caustic is Larry Winget. He did make a very true statement in a recent interview, however:

Overspending is the culprit. Four dollar a gallon gasoline isn’t as much of a problem for middle America as a four dollar a cup coffee. People are not willing to modify their lifestyle in order to live on what they earn – that is the real problem.

— All Financial Matters: Larry Winget on the Housing Crisis

Kinda hard to argue with that… except that this is still the man in the commercial sitting in the back seat of a Hyundai practically daring the driver to argue with him about his advice to buy the car and invest the savings. Bit of a mixed message, no?

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  1. William Mize says:

    Agree with you regarding Winget. He’s nothing but common sense shaved bald with ugly shirts and uglier cowboy boots. It’s like having Larry The Cable Guy tell you about stocks and bonds and 401k.

    “Git R’ Bought!”


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