It’s still dark…

Considering that I’m in the office and it’s just barely light outside, I’d say that my new alarm clock is clearly doing its job. I managed to get it at an open box price, so it was $50 reduced, plus there’s a $40 rebate on the item which I might qualify for as well. My old clock radio seemed to develop a short between the Snooze and Alarm Off buttons, so I’d hear it go off, hit snooze once and wake up 2 hrs later in a panic when I saw what time it was.

Philips AJL308 Clock Radio with 7” color display
Of course the clock is gadget’y as well, so I’ve replaced that default photo with “Andy” and it can turn into a digital photo frame which is just kinda cute. I don’t see a need for running video on it, but it will be nice to generate some meditative nap and sleep sessions with pzizz and be able to use them on the bedside clock instead of needing the computer.

I don’t know that I’ll make it a habit of heading into the office by 7 every morning, though it is nice to get here when there’s no one around, enjoy my coffee and start right into my tasks. There’s also a pleasant space between sitting down to work and making breakfast a little later. Currently its microwave oatmeal, which can be more than a little stressful in the office appliance as it has a tendency to bubble up and over when not watched closely — and sometimes even when doing so. When you’re finished with it, you have to start soaking or rinsing it right away because cooked unfinished oats take on the consistency of concrete, even non-stick cookware isn’t an easy cleanup.

Now to wrap my head around something that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst web developing enemy. Happy Monday y’all!

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  1. shindo says:

    An alarm clock is an alarm clock is an alarm clock. I even feel that way about my iHome, even though it has a dock for the iPod.

    I like that you can dress your new one up with photos, and Andy sounds perfect.

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