Advanced booze stealth technology

I’m sure many would totally take me to task on this, but I can’t help but think these might be a very hot seller in certain parts of my neighborhood. When I first moved to Mount Pleasant, my housemates and I just called the gents that would hang out at all times of the day the hombres. They’d totally harass my female housemates, stumble around the sidewalks at times and if you happened to get in their way, you’d get a torrent of slurred spanish hurled at you which I’m not even sure I could understand even if I spoke it.

Take your beer for a walk in style. It’s nice outside and you both need the exercise.

Name Ribbon Clothing in NY has put out some novelty paper bags totally worthy of the hombres. It makes me long for my old Mustang and ready to find some buddies, a boombox and a parking lot late at night someplace.

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  1. Lolypup says:

    You had a mustang? *giggles*

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