Coffee Break!

Starbucks is having a Coffee Break, tomorrow morning from 10 to noon. This is kinda interesting to me since everyone I talk to says that while they like the espresso and frozen drinks, Starbucks coffee is their worst item. Especially when compared to Dunkin Donuts or even McDonalds. I haven’t had a plain coffee from them since they closed down for their re-training session, but I never really cared for it before. It always tasted too strong or burnt from sitting and heating too long. I guess I am a bit of a coffee snob though. I personally love going to Dean & Deluca in Georgetown and looking over their gourmet coffee blends, and it’s a bit of a thrill when the employee asks you what kind of machine you’ll be making the coffee in so they can give you the proper grind. I like to be able to see through my coffee, and it is possible to make strong coffee while still being able to detect that it was water you pressed through the beans.

Still, it might make for a good start to the day to grab a book and walk over there. Maybe swing past the new Target on the way back. I swear I’m not avoiding it, I just haven’t had a need for anything. Though as the cleaning progresses, I am going to need refills on stuff and I think they carry method products.

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