Cravings du jour!

I strongly suspect that it has a lot to do with last night’s martinis, but today has just been a day full of cravings, some of them quite random. It may also have something to do with my pregnant co-worker sitting next to me and my getting sympathy cravings as well.

First off, I really wanted a glazed donut at Starbucks, but they were out. Then I wanted sausage, but we hit the cafeteria too late, and it was too cold to head back out. I craved tacos around mid-morning, then wanted shrimp for lunch which I was able to get hold of. After lunch I wanted Lay’s plain potato chips and pickles, and when returning from being unable to find that, I wanted roast chicken. Then just before leaving the office I could have really taken down a big ol’ prime rib. While walking to Best Cellars in Dupont I almost took a side trip over to 17th Street to get some merguez and hummus, and finally when I got home, wings were all that would satisfy.

So I’ve settled on wings this evening, with some good wines. I suppose more than anything I should be proud of myself for not succumbing to any or all of the above today. Tonight’s going to be one of the first really cold nights, and even though I’ve had the heat on a while, it doesn’t feel like it’s working. Normally my place benefits from the ambient heat from the floors below, but today I’m wondering if something’s up with the building heating, or if it’s finally reached that cold point where even ambient heat disperses too quickly.

*ding! Food’s here! :mrgreen:

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  1. Fredo says:

    OMG! U preggers?!!1!11eLOLeben!!

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