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Chicago River St Patricks Day 08
I was really starting to fear that days of observing St. Patrick’s Day were long and far away from my time in Elementary School where every holiday official or not caused at least a few weeks of celebration. On the metro this morning, there was very little green peeking out from under the coats and nearly no one in the office is wearing green, a testament to the evolved diverse workplace. I saw some shamrock ties and a few ladies with green tops on, but otherwise it was pretty barren. That is, until a few moments ago when I shared the elevator down to the cafeteria with a gentleman whose closely cropped hair was dyed a lovely shade of green. While it may have been done for a weekend event and not necessarily for the office, it still counts.

Of course these days the usual penalty for not wearing green is unlikely to be suffered due to the fear of being called in for a visit to Human Resources. I’ve got a bit of green on, so no pinches for me and I was fully prepared with an outfit for any Patty-Parties, but none were on the agenda this weekend. Still, it’s Monday and even without the holiday I’m sure everyone could gladly do with a pint.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone… just keep that corned beef and cabbage to yourselves. :mrgreen:

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2 Responses

  1. Christopher says:

    Uh… PS – St. Patty’s Day was the 15th this year:'s_Day

  2. Brian says:

    And… this entry was over 5 days ago… your point? 😛

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