je ne sais pas porquoi…

Man if the gov’t isn’t closed in DC, it’s like any other workday. The metro was a wee bit less crowded today, but really the commute didn’t look any different, people were still running to catch trains, there was a little bit of SRO on the train, though that was mostly due to people taking the outer seat and the Starbucks down the road was just as crowded as usual for a Monday (not even filled with the usual gaudily dressed tourists). For some reason they decided to do a network migration for us over the weekend and we come in to new passwords and a new method of login. Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada"Still most people come in from a holiday weekend and can barely recall their regular password, let alone get a new one right. And all my shared network drives are using my old password, so I’m locked out of them all at the moment. Yay.

Even so I feel like I had a long weekend. For our second date, he arrived from Baltimore Saturday afternoon and we went to see “The Devil Wears Prada.” Hilarious movie, though I wasn’t a fan of anything that advanced the actual plot, just the outrageous behavior of Meryl Streep and the cattiness. My co-worker read the book and I learned that they definitely sacrificed a lot of depth, which is evident on-screen. After that we did a little bit of shopping and then headed home for some dirty martinis before dinner down the street at Tonic and then some drinks at Halo.

Sunday we went to the drag brunch at Perry’s, my first time in the 9 or 10 years I’ve lived here. It was overpriced, overcrowded, the staff wasn’t very attentive and a few of the “drag queens” were transwomen with softball sized tits and all. It was entertaining, but not something I would recommend to anyone as a must-see. We walked over to Dupont Circle, took the metro to Federal Triangle (mostly to avoid the museum crowds) and hit American History, then Natural History and did a little bit of the Folklife Festival, though it was mercilessly hot and then we finished off the day with a trip to Pentagon City. I got shoes — however I had already set aside 3 pairs at home for Goodwill, so getting one new pair at 50% off at Steve Madden is hardly a sin. We hit some other stores but nothing was really grabbing us and headed back home. The impending storm caused a bit of concern so he headed back up north, though he’s got today off so I’m sure he’s having a far better time than I am.

It’s too friggin’ hot outside.

US Capitol - Fourth of July Fireworks - Fred MaroonI don’t have any plans for this evening, no plans for the 4th, and I don’t really feel pressed about that. I can usually see fireworks shows from my window, probably even the ones over by the Capitol, so I might just ring in the 4th with some martinis, AbFab or Girls will be Girls and a little window-gazing. I’ve done fireworks on the Capitol lawn, I’ve done the big-ass 4th party and viewing from the roofdeck and I’ve even done the “walk around town pretending we’re with people that have a sense of time and will make it to a park to watch the fireworks, but hey let’s go have dinner there and I’m sure we have plenty of ti– oh what’s that noise? oops!” thing. With the mobs of people in town, doing something low-key doesn’t sound all that bad, not that I’d mind joining people for something, so long as I don’t have to plan it.

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