Giving up the bean… again

Everything old is new again...

I’m giving up my daily trip to Starbucks… I must be insane, right? I was playing around with some of the trends and graphs in Mint yesterday and for fun I looked at what my spending at Starbucks was over the past year. It was about enough to buy a new 2.0Ghz Super Drive Mac Mini, more on Minis later. Still, I got in today and made a cup of moroccan mint green tea and got a little breakfast. So far, so good.

I’ve given up coffee and/or caffeine in the past, usually with the support of co-workers whether it was for eating better, or for solidarity with a pregnant office mate, it doesn’t always affect me. I might feel the craving for caffeine, but I don’t normally get the headaches and other withdrawal symptoms. I think that I shall most miss the standard routine of going to Starbucks, the baristas remembering my order, smiling at the cute long-haired, soft-spoken ditzy boy behind the register and of course knowing that I was one of the movers and the shakers. Financially, it’s a much better move, healthwise it can’t hurt and as far as being a foodie, I can brew much better tasting things on my own in the office, I bet.

I am trying to take a much more active (less whiny) approach to my health and weight. While I still enjoy my comfort food moments, I realize that they are becoming more often than not and I need to do what I can to cut back, make more fresh food, keep better snacks around, etc. The farmers’ market down the street opens this weekend and I’m already planning a trip over there and then perhaps a walk through the zoo. I’d really like to pick up some fresh ingredients to make salsa for a weekend snack. Time to break out the “healthy” cookbooks and practice some better habits. Not that I have a beach trip to slim down for, but it’s gotten to the point of not being comfortable in my own skin and I have the power to change that.

I think I’ve sorted out what to do with the leftover Mac Mini. I’ll hook it up to the HDTV and use either a VNC or a KMS application to control it. I’d even like to get a Windows partition on it so that it truly serves as a media server or perhaps just a media gateway since there’s not really enough space on the Mini to keep things on it. Unless I send it away to have more diskspace and memory added to it which isn’t such a bad idea, really. But getting that whole setup started will be another weekend project. I may be hitting gadget overload, but I think that messing around with stuff I already have around the house is a lot better than heading out and buying new stuff. :mrgreen:

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