Economo-Stimulo Powers, Activate!

Mmmmm, stimulus

Fredo already mentioned one store giving back 10% extra if you cash/spend your economic stimulus check there. The Bargainist just came out with an updated list of ways to get more with your check including retailers giving bonuses, cashing the checks for free and suggestions to spend locally. My favorite has got to be Staples’ Economic Stimulus Center, a portion of their website devoted to encouraging people to spend their economo-stimulo check!

An interesting question just came up among the co-workers, however. What do people do if they’re getting direct deposit of their payment? What would retailers accept as proof that you’re spending your payment with them and not any ol’ amount of money you had lying around? Is this biased towards people who specifically are getting mailed a check?

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2 Responses

  1. Sean West says:

    I should get direct deposit but it doesn’t matter, that money is going straight to Mercury to pay my car insurance.

  2. Lolypup says:

    One theory would be those who have established checking accounts and direct deposit are also more likely to be able to afford shopping at these places even without the rebate check.

    Those who get direct mailed checks may not otherwise have the opportunity to make such purchases so the deals would be geared twoards them.

    Just my thought but hmmm…. Im poor and get direct deposit so I want some deals thrown my way!

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