what I won’t miss: trash

I thought I might have a “what I will miss” entry before another of these, but having taken the day off work to try and get a handle on the clutter and pack some more items, this is really grinding my gears.

trash chute: still unavailable...

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but it had become such a standard in my head, I stopped thinking about it. But as I’m now riding the elevator countless times to take out trash, I looked at the sign again.

It’s been nearly two years that our trash chute has been closed off. It was originally closed to deal with a pest problem–rats or roaches, not sure–in the basement area, but really… two years? As a result, residents don’t just go down to our trash area out back on a regular basis anymore. No, we save it up and you’ll often see someone taking down 3 or 4 full trash bags on the elevator and then dragging them one by one to the door and eventually the trash bins. And the trash bins are never empty.

If it had been like this when I moved in, that would be fine, but this is just one more thing that has changed for the worse since I signed that lease. In any case, my new place seems to have a large functioning trash room with a chute and room for recyclables. :mrgreen:

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