We are WAY past Footloose here…

Ok, I admit it. I watched “Step Up” last night. I’m not proud of this or anything, but when you ignore the “acting” and focus on the dancing, it was a pretty fun movie. Predictable plot and the lead characters weren’t even convincing when they kissed, but still good dancing.

I am NOT a fan of reality shows, it’s not so much to be a dealbreaker, but don’t expect me to watch them with you unless you want to hear an unending stream of snark directed at the tv. I’ve caught a few of the recent “dancing audition” shows and while they’re cute, they still fall back on the standard reality show clichés. So much so that even when I recorded one on the DVR, there was so much crap to fast-forward through before they got to the dancing it seemed a waste of effort.

That said, watching it makes me long for the days when going out dancing was the norm and not the exception. I mean really, where are my stereotypical “I love to dance” queers? I admit that the primary DC venue for dancing caters to a much younger crowd or a much higher crowd so the music is there mostly as filler for them to get their shirts off and kinda shift their weight from foot to foot. Not that it matters as when my friends go out “dancing” they mostly just want to watch, or they play the “white boy” card and make a joke of it. The latter I don’t mind so much since dancing is about having fun, I’m just not a fan of going it alone.

Still, while I don’t think I can dance like this anymore, I can’t get enough of this YouTube video-pong where The ACDC challenges The M&M Cru to “The Biggest Online Dance Battle” ever. Adam and Jon’s opening salvo is cute and Miley and Mandy came back with a pretty impressive video of their own (and 3.5 million views). The latest from ACDC tho? Totally takes the cake (but only a meager 1.2 million views so far). I wonder if M&M will strike back.

This does not, however, mean that I will be queuing up “Step Up 2: The Streets” anytime soon. 😐

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  1. Kyle says:

    Al-Fahm and I will go with you to Apex and dance in the video room with the drunk n00bz.

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