…the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Actually enjoying that nothing is going according to plan.


There is Nothing Left to Say, by Mark Mumford

I’m not sure what the context of that tweet was, but it aptly describes my weekend. I had nothing planned, and it went completely according to plan. Perhaps not nothing but nothing much. Aside from a Happy Hour on Friday night which turned into a bit of a crawl around town, but on a gorgeous night, who cares? We started at Mayorga and then hit The Heights for dinner and wandered down to Nellie’s which unfortunately failed on all bar points. One could not drink for the line at the bar, you couldn’t move because they have a roof deck and the occupancy was too high and you couldn’t talk nor hear due to the music. It’s more like a gay sports bar that’s removed the “sports” from the theme. And there were so many polished twinks, or another word starting with t, that the lovely HD screens broadcasting the games seemed a bit of a waste. Not that I don’t wish we had more queer bars with outdoor spots or roofdecks, but when everyone flocks to the one so much so that the bouncer is only letting people go upstairs as others are coming down kinda kills the fun of going.

On Saturday I was up early, not quite a Stepford morning, but I did walk to the store and the farmers market then headed out to the burbs to spend the day hanging with Gregory and the kids. We ran a few errands and had cocktails out on his porch. Even though I’d forgotten to take an allergy pill and was surrounded by pollen, I was fine in the burbs. Urban pollen must be more aggressive. 🙂

Sunday was a little more domestic. I’d expected rain so stayed in and picked up around the house, gave the kitchen a good cleaning, grilled up some tuna for brunch and tried the egg beaters again, this time in the microwave. They were a bit better, but honestly I’m not sold. I also made some fresh salsa for snacking on later and dug in for some housecleaning. I’ve recently become hooked on method‘s “beach sage” scented products so I have air fresheners in place keeping my apartment smelling a bit like vacation. Unless I make some new contacts, my days of beach trips are mostly behind me, but for some reason the scent is really speaking to me.

It feels far too nice outside to be here in the office, but I’m hoping to get out for a walk after work. I haven’t been through the zoo in a good long time. I can tell the area has given up on having a Spring and is starting that not-so-slow transition into Summer. I need to make some friends with pool owners!

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