psa: fall back!

One of the great things about the internet is that information can be shared and spread quickly. Unfortunately it also means that a lot of mis-information can be spread just as easily. When the National Equality March was in town a few weeks back, some people on Twitter and Facebook were unintentionally posting the wrong date. Even though they corrected themselves, once the information is out–and has been passed on–there’s not much you can do about it.

Similarly, this week I noticed some people on Twitter already talking about turning back the clocks this just past weekend, instead of this upcoming weekend on November 1. Thankfully most of us rely on electronic devices to keep us on track, but even so, Radox was considerate enough to create a PSA* so that everyone would get their facts straight:

[flv:radox_clocks.flv 496 288]

I… think I remember him saying something about coc–er, clocks? Robert Kazinsky from EastEnders makes quite the spokesperson for remembering to take a little time out for ourselves. Unfortunately my new place only has a shower, not a bathtub, but I imagine that I can still find something selfish to do during that hour. :mrgreen:

* I will concede that while he says “this weekend,” the video has been out for more than a week and he never says which weekend, so that could be at least one source of confusion to the masses.

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