at the cinema: Oh sh*t! Oh sh*t! OH SH*T!!

Iron Man as imagined by Megan Murphy/

Seeing as how we’re a little slow for workflow around the office, I took a 1/2 day yesterday and went to see Iron Man. I went for a 1pm DLP showing and it was almost totally worth it. The film was amazing, Robert Downey, Jr. makes a great Stark and I was really impressed with Paltrow. The other actors… not so much, really. I’ve read that the movie collapses under its own weight and I could see where it reached that point, but really just ignore all that “weak plot” stuff and it’s a really fun flick.

Things I miss about going to the movies:

  • the big screen
  • trailers on the big screen

Things I don’t miss about going to the movies:

  • the price
  • the lack of healthy snacks
  • the seats (and questionably “clean” floors)
  • the commercials
  • the number of trailers
  • the crowds (though at 1pm on a Wedsnesday, this wasn’t a problem)
  • the loud, rude, urban woman that sat right behind me, took calls on her cell phone during the movie, clearly knew nothing about Iron Man or the way movies work and who during the tense moments must have thought she was watching Jerry Springer instead of a scripted film and just kept saying, “Oh shit, oh shit, OH SHIT!!” over and over again.
  • did I already mention the price?

I really thought that 1pm would be a good time to get away from the rude crowd, and I did for the most part. She was the only one, but still out of anywhere in the theater, why sit right behind me?! And her phone calls were actually much quieter than her statements of shock about what was happening on-screen, however she still needed to take that crap outside. I was about to turn around and ask her to be quiet, but that would have taken away from my “movie & me” time, so it was easier to just tune her out. If it had been a crowded theater, I probably never would have noticed it, but when it’s right behind you in a dead silent house there’s no escaping. At least her ringer was on silent. 😛

It was good to see the trailers for Prince Caspian, Hulk, Batman… I don’t really remember what the others were, if any. I like trailers, but I do reach a “Trailer Saturation Point” (TSP) where it doesn’t matter how many times you edit and re-edit that trailer with perhaps 5% new footage, stop teasing and deliver the goods. I think there’s a peak level of excitement people can have for a new film and while that can be maintained, if you push it too far you run the risk of losing interest — Batman, I’m especially looking at you… And I like trailers. I even watch those shows on HDNet: Nothing But Trailers, Trailerama, and The Ultimate Trailer Show because I love my trailers, watching them at work only draws a crowd (and a lack of productivity) and even on high speed sometimes Quicktime and Media Player both stutter.

Even so, I did have a good time and it wasn’t a waste of $8.50. But unless it were for a date, I doubt I’d go and see it again before it comes to cable/DVD.

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4 Responses

  1. William Mize says:

    It’s good, probably one of the top 5 comic book adaptations, but not as good as Batman Begins, and probably the upcoming The Dark Knight.

    I like my heroes, tormented, damaged and brooding.

    BUT Iron Man 2, which I am hoping is the “Demon in the Bottle” series that deals with Starks subsequent descent into alcoholism and drug abuse, has potential for just being one bad (as in good) trip, especially with Downey Jr.

    I’m giving Speed Racer a pass; next for me might be the next Narnia.

  2. Brian says:

    I have to admit the flawed anti-hero does make for a better film, though I miss my 4-color BIF!! SOK!! & the ever-loved KA-POW!! Plus Iron Man needs no flashy powers, it’s all tech, which translated very well to the big screen. Marvel has made announcements for the Iron Man sequel, a Thor movie, Captain America film and an Avengers film in the coming years, so we’ll see how well it goes for them.

    The other trailers which totally slipped my mind were for The Spirit and Speed Racer. I still have to watch the first Narnia film, not that I don’t already know the story, but I hear that it is visually stunning, etc.

  3. William Mize says:

    As I read somewhere, Marvel needs to slow down and chew its food. It’s drunk with money and ambition after Iron Man’s stellar first weekend, but I would really be treading careful on trotting out future films all willy-nilly.

    I would hope that it had learned its lessons from such films as Elektra and The Punisher to realize that you ain’t gonna get $100 million unless all the pieces come together.

    As someone who grew up with Eisner, The Spirit looks WONDERFUL. It will have to be my Christmas Dork Out, now that Abrams has moved Star Trek 11 from December to July 2009. Stupid Abrams 🙂

  4. Danacea says:

    I found it one of the best of the comicbook/Superhero genre seen so far – it was less about the continuous, kick-arse action and more about the montage of the creation of the suit, which seemed to have a life and identity of its own.

    Downey Jr put in a monumental performance – blistering the screen from the inside he was so hot.

    It left me with the question – did they remake ‘Robocop’ for the new rush of geek credibility… or was Robocop a rip-off of the original Iron Man story?

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