Yeah, I’m hatin’, what of it?

Given my utter and absolute hatred of reality shows, especially reality competition shows, I can’t help but laugh at this. Last Season’s Project Runway winner, Christian Siriano, is so fierce that he gets to design a dress that will appear onstage at the Emmy’s… on a trophy girl.

Pictured: HRC’s Fierce Equality Tee, designed by Christian Siriano. 100% organic cotton t-shirt, $38. Says Siriano, “The shirt is fierce, fabulous and flawless.” — I think he forgot to add the word fleecing! I’m all for a good cause and I know his wasn’t the only designer-made shirt for them, but give me a break! As my t-shirt addicts can attest, there are places we can get up to 4 fun, funky and fashionable shirts for that kinda money.

What I’d really like is to see an extra line on every piece of merchandise from which the proceeds go to charity to tell the purchaser just how much of their money will actually make it to charity versus other costs.

Besides, I want fierce back. We were saying that long before he even knew how to take a lawnmower to his head and call the results stylish.

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7 Responses

  1. Michael says:


    Can we have a funeral to bury “fierce” Preferably with Christian in the coffin as well? 😈

    He’s from Annapolis…not that far away

  2. brian says:

    @Michael: NO! There is nothing wrong with fierce, but you are free to bury Siriano along with “Hot Tranny Mess.” 😀

  3. shindo says:

    I have to second Brian’s comment about “Fierce.” Christian Siriano said “fierce” so much that lost it’s meaning. That and “Hot Tranny Mess,” whatever that is. What is a “hot tranny mess,” anyway?

  4. kyle says:

    Oh, puh-leez, Christian Siriano is merely Tim Gunn with youthful hormones. And any one of you biotechs would give your right gonad to trade places with him. I blame the medium, which takes any little verbal tic or idiomatic behavior and blows it up into a lifestyle. If you’re gonna hate, hate on Bravo…

  5. brian says:

    @kyle: You say that as if I don’t hate on Bravo! Take your you people comments over to U St and go yell at some yuppies.

  6. kyle says:

    But I already do that, especially after a night at Nellie’s…

  7. Neal says:

    Didn’t he “retire” fierce on Ugly Betty last season. I think the new word was “finished”. That dress is finished. I guess you have to say it with a sneer and a lisp to convey the new, bitchy meaning or people will assume you just mean the dress is..well…done.

    I’ve confused myself. Someone get me some Milk of Magnesia. ❓

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