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At some point this weekend I was meant to be working on my employee self-evaluation and that has, so far, failed to materialize. But for some reason I was having rather apocalyptic dreams* and woke up hella early, so I’ve had a bit of time to putter around and I might get to it before I head out this afternoon. I generally believe the annual review and self-eval cycle are silly things, I mean you know if you’re not performing at work. If you honestly have no idea then you probably aren’t focused at the office and… there’s your answer. I’m pretty sure that last year I wrote about this and expressed the sentiment of, “you know I can do my job and do it well, so give me my raise and we’ll speak no more of this review thing.”

I have tried to maintain a positive outlook on the office, but I can easily say that it isn’t the same place it was when I started. In some good ways, but mostly annoying ways, not necessarily bad–just annoying. And unfortunately, I don’t get to deal with it in the same manner as Mrs. Slocombe:

[flv:work_gin.flv 500 372]

Ok, maybe that wouldn’t be SUCH a good idea, but fun! Most people–including an ex-boyfriend that made the topic grist for the mill–tell me that gin makes them mean and/or want to fight. I suppose it makes me mean but generally in an established witty homosexual manner. I can be more bitchy and snarky than usual, though I (sometimes) try to keep a handle on it since mostly I’m headed out with the same people. And while you can slam your friends from time to time, you 1) want it to remain light-hearted and funny and 2) don’t want to layer it on too thick.

Today is Fiesta DC and I’ll probably head down for a gander and keep Justin company like last year, though I do hope that he doesn’t start feeling the need for major surgery again like last year. It’s been a year since my brother’s accident and he’s clearly made a lot of healing progress in mind and body, and a year since Justin’s bout with diverticulitis and I’m not ready for September to become an unofficial Hospital Month, so everyone be well for the next few days, ok? 🙂

* If you’ve ever read Being a Green Mother, it was a bit like living through the world after Orb sang the Song of Chaos. If you haven’t read it, feel free to dismiss this as one of those geeky things and move along.

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