I tolerate them with all my heart!

On the drive out yesterday, the topic of the debate came up, of course. One thing mentioned was that some of the larger gay blogs didn’t really take on the topic of each VP candidate’s (and/or their campaign’s) stance on gay marriage. My thought on it was that to address the “tolerant” comment, they’d have to address that neither campaign is in favor of gay marriage, but both seem understandably vague on granting various other rights. It kinda feels like both camps are for it to various degrees, but I’m unconvinced. It is, however, rife with comedy!

[flv:queer_bate.flv 500 282]

The entire sketch was hilarious and I love that, of all things, it’s the political race that’s turning a Saturday night show into a Sunday/Monday morning web watch. It’s still not enough to get me watching the show on a regular basis, but it’s great fun.

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4 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Thanks. Now I have to get up and go get some paper towels to wipe all that soda off of my laptop from where I spurted it while I was laughing…

  2. Esprix says:

    I’ve had some more Republican friends of mine ask me why I would support Obama given that he doesn’t support gay marriage. My answer is that Obama will be the one putting people on the US Supreme Court, and we all know that’ll be where this ends up.

  3. Neal says:

    The show is generally still pretty bad. I tune in for Fey and Weekend Update mostly. The last few hosts have been real duds.

  4. brian says:

    @Neal: I have to admit that watching the clips online, I liked a few of them but they all broke the rule of going on too long beyond the point of being funny. The Lawrence Welk one was a scream and I liked the “extreme activities” digital short.

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