The View on political muckraking

Please tell me that no one of significance watches this show? I think I can rest easy if I know that the MadTV spoof of the four women as hens clucking and pecking away was more true than not. I don’t want to demonize Elisabeth Hasselbeck, but my gods this woman is dense in the following clip, seen at Queerty. But from the look of the way the other three treat her, I don’t think they’re helping either.

For the most part, I ignore daytime television since I gave up on my soap operas back in college. When I take a day off or have a sick day, I’m usually dumbstruck by the stuff that’s aired and quickly switch over to saved shows on the DVR or the latest Netflix disc. Most everyone I know and chat with works during the day as well, so they don’t watch this either, but towards which demographic is this aimed?

It’s nice to see them tackling a relevant topic, but when you’ve got one conservative, two clear liberals and one host trying to remain objective, it seems like politics shouldn’t be on the agenda because all it comes across as is an agenda. I respect Whoopi for at least trying to let Hasselbeck say her piece, but it’s like her prep sheet was written by Hannity.

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8 Responses

  1. Now I have to know what your soaps were :X

  2. Fredo says:

    Oh, ye gods, Hassleback is certifiable. In every clip I’ve seen where she opens her mouth, her foot just flies into it. What gets me about her, though, is her refusal to consider any point of view other than her own.

  3. brian says:

    @What Liz Said: Oh if I must! My cousin got me hooked on ‘General Hospital’ at a very young age when I was staying the summer at my grandmother’s place. I don’t really recall what the plot was about, but one of the characters had developed a freeze ray of some sort and I thought that was wicked awesome. In college I watched ‘Santa Barbara’ and ‘Days of Our Lives,” the latter mostly because of Deidre Hall–Electra-Woman–and all the weirdness that surrounded her character.

    I had a tiny little tv set with radically modified antennae, thanks to gross amounts of aluminum foil, and the soaps were my study break. We couldn’t really get reception for many networks as it was.

  4. Joe says:

    Hi, my name is Joe {Hi Joe} and I watch The View.

    Only sometimes if I hear about somebody interesting that’s going to be on. I usually can’t make it thru a whole hour of it because I’m afraid that I’ll start throwing things at my TV.

    I also slow down on the expressway to look at car accidents and/or train wrecks.

  5. Michael M says:

    I think we can agree that Hasselbeck can be a bit of a nut and the others shout over her. It might explain the recent rumor that she is fed up with the way she is being treated both on and off the air and may take off from the show soon.

  6. kyle says:

    The View seems to be a haven for wackadoodles. Rosie, Sherri Shepherd, Hasselbeck…They’re there to keep things interesting. Of course, interesting often means “inducing acid reflux.” I can watch neither reality nor talk shows because they make me so angry I worry about the lining of my esophagus.

  7. I was all about Days of Our Lives thanks to my grandmother… and GH. Shhh…

  8. shindo says:

    I don’t have a real work schedule as I teach classes, but I still don’t tune in to the view when I have free mornings. I use to think I had some stamp missing on my gay card, but I now feel reassured.

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