Sinfest: Hall of Justice

Once again, Sinfest knocks it out of the park. There were a lot of political cartoons going around about the historic event, but I kinda prefer my illustrated political commentary from Tatsuya Ishida. Since I’m sure people who read this already read Sinfest, I won’t post the full sized pic in the entry so you can go over there and see it for yourself.

I said I’d have that whole writing thing up this weekend, but I lied. It sort of got away from me while I was writing and once I hit the third page, I realized that I needed to give it more attention and respect that it was turning into a piece of writing and not just a cute blog entry. I just wish I had a big easy chair and a fireplace to sit by to help the words flow, but a MacBook and the couch are doing just fine. I’ve turned to Lindsay for a little advice and may bug William about it as well. Regardless of my ability to drone on endlessly in a blog entry, I don’t consider myself a writer and this feels a bit strange and new to me… but it’s fun!

I’m finding that it’s also inspiring/encouraging me in other ways, so expect some more food porn pictures on the horizon and I might even post progress of the apartment de-cluttering. I won’t expect miracles, but it’s nice to feel my energy focused in a positive direction rather than just scattered all over the place.

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