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Ad Blockers, Saving Data and Time?

I use ad blockers. I block ads. I’m not even ashamed about it. I’m not anti-ads, I just want to browse the web quickly and efficiently. Don’t we all? More and more research is bearing it out that ad-filled sites use more data, bandwidth and load time. Not cool.


Racebent Justice League …s

Facebook’s “On This Day” reminded me twice this week of some Justice League art I’ve enjoyed over the years. But oddly on nearly the same day a few years apart. In case you aren’t familiar with the concept of racebending…...


Screenshot Sherlock

Web comic CommitStrip–a blog relating the daily trials of web developers–shares an experience common to many of us. We’ve all done it. Especially when someone is using their desktop for a video tutorial or sharing it in a streaming meeting....


42: immortalized in pixels

Well, this was certainly a nice surprise to wake up to. I’ve been immortalized in webcomic form! As a result of donating to his Kickstarter, Tony Breed–who is already a pretty awesome fellow all-round and possessed of amazing facial hair—drew...


comics: Zing!

Today’s Shortpacked! takes on DC Comics while Doonesbury has a not-so-subtle jab at Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.


Batman: MENSA is pretty hardcore

My daily dose of geekness and a quick chuckle from today’s Shortpacked!. This is the counter-argument after Spider-Man’s villains have been compared to Sci-Fi* Channel Original Movies**. Gotta admit that was a pretty true statement for a long time until...


spam: ur (almost) doin it wrong

I’ve seen some pretty poorly done spam since moving to WordPress, but the following is about the most well-done I’m a real person and not a robot, I swear! spam comment I’ve gotten in a while: Not that I’m totally...


comics: What’s an IKEA?

It’s kinda icky and rainy, work is busy and it’s definitely a moody day. At least my elevator was working again this morning. This panel from Basic Instructions cracked me up as part of the strip, “How to Make a...


comics: QFT

Now don’t you wish you could hang up a sign like this in your office? Ethan, the lead character in Ctrl-Alt-Del recently acquired a games store after having been an employee at its previous incarnation. Needless to say his views...


comics: don’t panic

xkcd has really hit upon the reason I want a Kindle… read the full strip–they aren’t fooling anybody! The price of it still turns me off, but I’m keeping my eye on it. Of course the first thing I’d have...