sangria: JBJ would approve

Marx Cafe: Sangria Night

I’ll get tired of saying Bon Jovi Friday soon enough after another catchphrase enters my brain, but right now I’m halfway there, whoooooaaa… etc. I met up with Kyle* last night after a hellacious day at the office and we hit Marx Cafe in Mt. Pleasant. So totally worth it. Sadly there was no garlic soup on the menu that night, but it was Sangria Night! We got a good selection of tapas and then we proceeded to get hammered… nicely hammered.

Sadly since it wasn’t a true Bon Jovi Friday, I had to come into the office with a lovely red wine & sugar headache, but still worth it. I am so ready to get out of this place today and I feel totally stiffed on the snow. I didn’t even see any flurries today. Others are shying away from it, but I’m ready for the snow, bring it on!

* Until he writes something new, I’m not linking to his blog anymore. That’s right Kyle, I called you out, what ya gonna do about it, hm?

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  1. ScottInTheOC says:

    aOooh….send one of those to SoCal where we didn’t get flurries either! 😉 A front came thru but it’s still 73 and sunny.

    I miss DC, truly I do. Really.

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  2. LiLu says:

    I went to La Tasca in Chinatown last night for their $15 sangria-pitcher happy hour. The sangria tasted more like watery-KoolAid than sangria. After a couple pitchers, we packed it up and shelled out the dollars for the real deal at Rosa Mexicano. Lesson learned!

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