video: we’re uh… NOT the dancers

It seems to have been the week for men in leotards. I haven’t been watching Prototype This! very much since it’s pretty much Mythbusters with less explosions and seeming more scenes of them hurting themselves. I honestly haven’t been a huge fan of the “time slot benefit” shows that they put around Mythbusters, but at least Prototype This! is actual scientists and engineers working on stuff. My main complaint with that show and Time Warp was that I had to wonder why they couldn’t seem to find any non-white, non-male specialists/scientists to star in these shows. Still when this image flashed by in a commercial, I had to back up the TiVo with a “What the hell was that?!”

[flv:notdancers.flv 500 282]

It’s actually a cool idea, they’re making a firefighters outfit and wanted it to fit really well. It reminds me of my last trip to San Francisco. I was visiting a guy that worked for Levi-Strauss and he took me to the flagship store. In addition to their experienced fitting staff, they also had a laser scanner fitting room that would take exact measurements so the staff could match you with the perfect pair of Levi’s. Even better was after you bought your perfect pair, there was a hot tub you could sit in with your new jeans to make sure they were shrunk-to-fit before you left the store. Amazingly enough, that wasn’t even the most extravagant service offered in the store. I also got to see where the custom orders for celebrities are done to get just the right patched, ripped, and embroidered looks for appearances and music videos.

10/18/08 15:35

I’m just happy finding a pair that’s long enough… and that makes my ass look good. After all, you gotta have priorities! 😈

I’m also very proud of myself for getting through this whole post and not making a single joke about it… you know what I’m talking about. Those scanning leotards, for obvious reasons, leave nothing to the imagination.

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4 Responses

  1. Fredo says:

    Don’t men typically get mooseknuckles, not cameltoes?

  2. brian says:

    @Fredo: With absolutely no shame, I confess a complete lack of knowledge regarding the terminology for the mounds, shapes and/or silhouettes caused by the stretching and draping of layers of fabric over either male or female genitalia.

    Though I suspect that Batman may be trying to start the phrase bat smuggler to take the spotlight off that other phrase.

  3. LiLu says:

    I adore Myth Busters! They have the coolest jobs ever… blow crap up in the name of science!

    latest entry: Because I’m Tricksy Like That

  4. danceshoes says:

    It is true, Leotards are making a comeback. Nearly 20 years since hair bands and unitard costumes went the way of the dodo, the leotard look is coming back with performers, dancers, and clubbers alike. The new trend is finding its way into the pop culture consciousness by being simple, sexy, and vintage. Everything in history goes in cycles, including fashion, so it is no surprise the one piece clothing wonder is back.

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