don’t fight the food coma

First a Happy Birthday shout out to CJ!

Jyoti Indian restaurant, in snow.Indian food wiped my ass out last night!

I swung by the Tivoli Giant (also called Bling Bling Giant) on the way home to pick up cake ingredients. Even if it fails miserably, I’m looking forward to making it. Besides, I can do a cheesecake with my eyes closed on short notice if this one fails to come together, but I’ve gotten advice from a very good source. This recipe has two of the primary kitchen evils, dealing with egg whites, and melting chocolate. Fun!

After I got in and a little settled, I realized I had a text from Moose (lately at work I’ve taken to leaving the phone on silent and then completely forgetting about that until I get home) just saying “It’s Tuesday…” the night that’s sort of become our unofficial dinner out night. We usually go to Tonic, because they have a wine night (order two entrees, get a free bottle of wine) but their fare is vegetarian, not vegan and frankly I’m getting less pleased with their offerings. Perhaps the hype is finally falling short to the kitchen quality, I dunno. They were having a wine tasting last night anyway, and it would have been crowded so we headed to Adams Morgan for Indian food at Jyoti. SO. GOOD. We shared some deep fried mixed veggies which I can’t recall the name of, accompanied by 3 sauces that were like the 3 bears, too hot, too sweet and just right. I’d bitten my tongue a little earlier that day, so the spicy sauce wasn’t kind at all. We also split a garlic naan, and I got palak chicken, delicious!

After dinner I managed to walk (stagger) home where I promptly passed out on the couch for about 15 mins and was useless the rest of the night for much more than chatting online. But it was well worth it, it makes me think that I need to head out on my own to nicer and/or interesting places to eat when others are unavailable or uninterested.

And to go totally out of sequence, before we ate, I met Moose at Design Within Reach so he could look at a few things and I saw this gorgeous folding console/table. Perfect for an apartment without a dining room, so perfect in fact that it cost about $1200, so that’s going in the maybe column for now. I do have to get in touch with the landlord and find out when he’s returning to the country and will want his apartment back. It will do no good to think of decorating when I gotta be out in a year–which I really don’t want to think about since my credit is not pretty at the moment and getting a new place would probably have me putting up a lot up front as deposit/security. And I don’t really know anyone that I could room with where we wouldn’t end up killing each other!

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