money: compromised?!

B of A is on the case!

Ooooh, that’s not good. Or I guess it is since they seem to be on the case in notifying me about it and taking action. I’m usually pretty obsessive about checking my accounts and because of the Amazon points I earn on another card, my debit card rarely gets used except at an ATM. I wonder if I was a victim of a skimmer*? That would actually be kinda cool, considering that it was caught.

So while they’re usually the subject of many complaints, I got no issues with B of A today! 🙂

* After seeing numerous consumerist posts on card skimmers, I’m always terrified of using strange ATMs.

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4 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    I’ve always been impressed with BofA’s dealing with fraud and troubled accounts — my number got lifted a while back and they’d called me within hours about it–how they spotted it, I’ll never know. So, yeah, they’re an evil corp and all that — but they do seem to know what they’re doing on that end.
    .-= latest entry: White Boy’s Burden =-.

  2. brian says:

    @Chris: I’m usually fortunate enough never to need them for anything, so my opinion of BofA isn’t all that bad. This kinda freaked me out tho, but I realized that nothing is out of order on my account, so it’s all good.

    @Michael: See?! My paranoia is justified! I might have been to M&S maybe, tho I haven’t noticed any odd charges, so I’m wondering if a merchant just goofed in securing some transaction records or something. Prolly never know.

  3. Serge says:

    Actually, I got the same letter from my bank (Wachovia) about a week ago. They sent me a new debit card in the mail without even asking, and told me to cut my old one up immediately. I panicked, but thankfully I keep close watch on my assets, so I don’t think I was compromised. But, now it makes me wonder what happened.

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