metro: juju

metro: juju

I’ve been told that juju is just a tagger around DC, but in my state of mind this seemed more serendipitous when I saw it in the station yesterday. I’d had a crappy day at the office and was looking forward to heading home for a quick pit stop and then back out to happy hour with some friends. If anything, I needed some good juju.

Shooting, Columbia Heights

It’s hard to say whether it was good juju or just dumb luck, but when I got back home to Columbia Heights, I missed a shooting by mere seconds. I was kinda truckin’ out of the station when I heard–through my loud-ass headphones–two gunshots. I was just steps away from the escalator. People already ½-way up the escalator screamed and ducked down, but didn’t try running back down into the station. Eventually a WMATA employee came over and asked, “Was that what I think it was?” and directed people to use the other station exit. I sent a few updates to twitter and made my way home. I didn’t see who was shot or any ambulances, but there were plenty of police officers already speaking to people and witnesses. By the time I was a block or so away, I heard sirens.

I can’t even act all strong and tough about this. It shook the hell out of me. Mainly the thought that people were waiting to meet up later was what kept me from just losing myself in the couch and TV for a while at home. I got a few messages from friends asking if I was OK and I appreciate it. I know shootings are, unfortunately, commonplace in the District, but that is the closest I’ve come to possibly seeing a shooting. And as one of the people was a bystander, the closest I’ve been to possibly being in the line of fire. It’s not been a good year for the Columbia Heights area when it comes to crime, but the crimes taking place during the day seem to be getting more and more frequent.

Thankfully, the victims injuries were not thought to be life-threatening. Aside from 2 pieces of police tape still wrapped around lampposts, all signs of it were gone this morning. Life in the city goes on.

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6 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    I know how you feel, having witnessed a murder while I was living in Boston.

  2. cheeseburger says:

    Thankfully the injuries aren’t life threatening?? While I am glad the innocent bystander is not seriously injured, the other thug should die. He’ll be back out on the streets in a week, armed a few minutes after that, and looking for retribution. You must applaud and thank the gods when the animals actually kill each other. Its when they don’t you need to be concerned.

  3. Pete W says:

    Hey Brian,
    Thanks for sharing your story. Keep strong!

  4. brian says:

    @Brian: I no longer seem to have the apathy I did in college, where there were at least 2 or 3 shootings/shots fired in anger a week. I have no illusions that D.C. is a “safe” city, but yeah, that was pretty rough.

    @cheeseburger: Posting with no name or identity to stand behind your words had me thinking about deleting this comment, but considering where you’re surfing in from, your ignorance is delicious.

    Since we have no idea what the context of their argument/altercation was, your assertion that the injured party deserves to die is just stupid. In future, please reserve these types of comments for when you’re visiting sites like The Washington Post… or YouTube.

    @Pete W: Likewise, thank you for sharing yours. One of your commenters put it in perspective. Bystanders were concerned, but for the most part there wasn’t a mass exodus or panic. Still, it scared the hell outta me for a while.

  5. Lindsay says:

    Glad you’re okay, sir.

  1. June 22, 2009

    […] Following a spate of shootings in Columbia Heights, residents are worried.  Read a first-hand account of a blogger who was in the Metro station when Thursday’s shooting occurred at Urban Bohemian. […]

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