#FlashbackFriday: Cocktails and Cheez-Its

Cheez-Its, am I right? Looking back to a time when I was in one those, “just because I can” moods.

At the Swanktuary, learning can be FUN!

Honestly, what else was I supposed to do with Scrabble Cheez-Its aside from eat them? And can we talk about the marketing idea behind this? Were kids supposed to actually play Scrabble with them, or just hope they got enough in a serving to spell words? I’m not sure I’d want my kids putting crackers on the table, the carpet, their books or whatever surface they came up with.

Cheez-Its Scrabble Junior Crackers I don’t normally go for the specially branded Cheez-Its crackers because all Cheez-Its boxes that enter my domain are quickly obliterated. Only when I am being my absolute best do I dole out the servings by counting or using the kitchen scale. I usually just buy an extra box because I know how things will go down. When I was dealing with multiple surgeries and treatments related to my cancer, I knew that everything would be ok if, when I got home, there were Cheez-Its and ginger ale there.

I might also go so far to say that my Cheez-Its cravings beat out my Lay’s Potato Chips ones any day. But for safety’s sake, I try not to have them both in my apartment at the same time… it could get messy, and delicious!

TGIF, everyone! My birthday is on Sunday, so I’ve taken a 4-day weekend to get out and about, or stay in and relax, but have no fear… there will be celebrating, drinking, carousing and all o’ dat. :mrgreen:

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