in DC: creative express

express newspapers arranged in a gate

Just one of those “Ha ha, neat!” moments from this morning’s commute. Normally both the Express and Examiner guys are out there, handing out the free daily papers. Sometimes neither is there* and the riders self-serve. I thought today would the usual self-serve day as the Express guy was off chatting** with a woman working on a Gumbusters crew.

First my eyes went to the stack of papers, and then I noticed that he’d used the metro gates to a creative end making a little impromptu paper rack! I was so amused that I had to whip out the camera. The vendor was just making his way back as I snapped the photo and asked “Hey, why you takin’ a picture, man?” At first my Photographers’ Rights ire was rising and then I realized he was probably half kidding and half hoping I wasn’t taking it to get him in any sort of trouble.

I told him I thought it looked cool. He smiled and quickly asked, “You want to take another one?” I shall miss calling this area home. 🙂

* Often sharing a smoke break.

** Flirting.

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