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First, let me say that I’m not into Lost. I was into it, until they killed off Ian Somerhalder‘s character. I was still in my “it’s ok to have crushes on TV/movie actors that probably aren’t even gay and you don’t stand a chance with” phase, and it was devastating. So I walked away. There were plenty of other shows that wouldn’t let me down, wouldn’t hurt me like Lost did. 😛

Honestly, I’ve never been able to get addicted to a drama since I quit E.R. cold turkey, so Lost didn’t stand a chance. But a flyer announcing a viewing party in my apartment complex this evening reminded me that they’re about to start their 6th and final season tonight. I always appreciate when an American TV show knows that it’s time to end it*–going out gracefully and with style, not being canceled or on permanent hiatus due to ratings or interpersonal cast/crew issues.

Still, for the fans out there that aren’t still catching up via online clips or wikis, here’s a little treat from The Reduced Shakespeare Company. In an exclusive performance for Sky1 network, they put on Lost Reduced: 5 seasons of Lost in 10 minutes.

I’ve completely lost–ha ha!–the plot by now and even I thought this was amusing. Have fun tonight all you Losties? Lostaways?

[h/t to Geek Syndicate]

* I’m looking at you, The Office (US). Just when is that “documentary” you’re supposed to be filming going to be over, anyway?

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3 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    You know Boone is back again this season, right? Also, his character is the Gay One.
    .-= latest entry: bgluckman: @Auto_Bird So I guess the question is, did Hyundai pass @Chrysler, too? =-.

  2. urb says:

    Oh no! I had no idea. Now that it’s all done I might have time to catch up on the whole thing. Mmmmm, gay Boone. *bliss*

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