tv: 3rd time had better be the charm

It’s back and while I hadn’t planned on being at home to watch it, my plans for the evening changed and I figured what the heck. Honestly after Season 2, I was kinda down on the show. And I know that a lot of shows suffered during the writers’ strike, but I feel like it was getting sloppy and disjointed even before that. Trying to cram too much into a single episode and getting farther away from the storyline spread, instead opting to focus on specific characters during each episode.

The “countdown” show that aired before the first two episodes–I thought/hoped it was going to be one two-hour long premier episode–was a lot of fun with a nice recap of the characters and some sneak preview scenes from upcoming episodes. If you read any TV or sci-fi related blogs, you’ve probably seen a lot of leaked synopses and photos from Season 3 anyway. I was on IM with James and Tom, on Skype with Serge, and watching in spirit with at least Scott and Troy on twitter. Only Martin seemed to resist… weirdo. πŸ˜‰

I liked how this season is starting up, the pacing was appropriate and there were certainly the right amount of secrets revealed, oh my god! moments and product placement shots, ‘Should have gotten Sprint.’ Turns out Mama Petrelli really deserves that “mama” title, one character turns into an homage to Cronenberg’s The Fly and once again we learn that time travel doesn’t fix anything!

With no other shows clamoring for my attention on Monday nights at the moment, I shouldn’t have a problem keeping up with Heroes. I wish there were a local bar that showed it. Geeking out with the masses would be fun! Anyone else watch it last night? Non-spoiler’y comments are welcome.

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5 Responses

  1. William Mize says:

    Passed on it. Without a DVR, I have to be tethered to the damn glass tit at the exact time and day that it’s on; and I’m too lazy to watch the episodes online.
    TV is just taking up less and less of my time.
    I’m certainly not a snob, I guess I’m just a very fickle watcher πŸ™‚
    “I love you! Best show EVAR!” (one season later) “Oh. It’s you again.”

  2. sean808080 says:

    I find Heroes to be a big snore. Rob [my partner] is a rabid fan. I just leave the room when it and Lost are playing. Both are not worth my limited attention span. Just my .02.


  3. kyle says:

    I have heard that Francis Capra is cast on the show now, and even though I swooned for him on Veronica Mars, even he can’t bring me back to Heroes. I’m losing interest in these soap-opera-esque shows because they require more commitment to television than I am morally comfortable with at this time. Although I’ll probably make an exception for BSG in January.

  4. brian says:

    @kyle: Sadly the only formula that seems to be working for tv these days is the soap-opera format. Honestly that’s how most prime-time shows have always worked. It’s one reason I’ve been so hooked on Corner Gas, a Canadian show suggested by Bill. You can just watch it, you don’t need a long history to be entertained and each show is it’s own while remaining a part of the whole.

    I miss the days that TV was able to do that without it being a cop or a lawyer show.

  5. William Mize says:

    Cor-ner-Gas! Cor-Ner-Gas! I can’t wait for Season 6. Unfortunately, it’s the last season, as they are shutting it down and going out on top.
    Bastards πŸ™‚

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