spring: tweet… tweet… HONK!

As DC is currently enjoying a very lovely bit of Summery-Springtime weather1, I turned off the heating/air-conditioning and left my patio door open all day and night. I’d armed myself with 24-hour allergy meds and DC city noises don’t bother me that much after living here so long. But I hadn’t counted on a noise of a different kind getting me out of bed before I’d planned on it. So after various sleeping configurations stuffing a pillow over my ears, I did what anyone would do and tweeted about it.

Turns out I wasn’t alone:

And if that wasn’t enough, the constant honking during my morning commute was just ridiculous!

Honestly, I was prepared for the return of Spring: meds, warm clothes, sunglasses, but I hadn’t counted on the birds. My new apartment faces a completely different direction than my last one and its patio is much more inviting to birds.2 On other mornings I’ve been happy to listen to Birdsong Radio, but the real thing–with no volume control or stop button? That may take a little getting used to.

1 Though we fear that we might skip Spring entirely and head straight into Summer… as usual.
2 However, tossing those breadcrumbs out the back probably didn’t hurt either.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Maybe they’re confused by the change in the weather too. “Hey! Hey! It’s early for this, isn’t it? Right? Right? Should I be molting or what?”

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