in DC: it’s a miracle?

Anyone living in DC will attest that you often see some really weird stuff lying around in the streets and alleyways after the weekend–the Sunday morning walks of shame among them. When I lived in the Mt. Pleasant/Columbia Heights area, I’d see abandoned (complete) outfits, odd bits of street art* and the occasional sofa. But I can’t imagine what set of circumstances led someone to abandon a mobility scooter chair. You’d think that they might need that!

I tried to piece together how this, one would think, vital bit of personal transportation wound up left behind, but it’s Monday morning and I’ve only had the one cup of coffee… I’m stumped! Did they run out of power and have no one to call? I didn’t see any wet cardboard signs nearby, so it probably wasn’t a panhandler. As there were no stuffed animals tied to a nearby sign and it wasn’t painted white, it’s probably not a ghost chair. Quite the mystery…

Abandoned mobility scooter in SE DC

I’m probably missing the most obvious explanation. They didn’t run out of power, they ran into it: The Power of The Lord.** It was a modern-day miracle, right here on M Street SE and we shall all bear witness!

I somehow doubt the city employees that will eventually be tasked to remove it will feel similarly moved.

* Seriously, when you’re walking home from a friend’s place and maybe already a bit–or a lot–tanked and you see a baby from Jenkins’ Storker Project, you really start to wonder if you’re losing it. It has to be the urban equivalent of pink elephants.

** As opposed to The Power of Madonna.

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  1. Esprix says:

    It was The Rapture. Alas, he or she was the only sinless one among us.
    .-= latest entry: Scored another one =-.

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