definitions: WIN and FAIL, Pt. II

TGIF everyone! It’s time again for another little episode in the series I like to call definitions. Like the last one, this one deals with win and fail.

First off, a lovely example of FAIL. While I was going to the hospital every day for roughly four weeks, I was exposed to the gamut of daytime television, mostly soaps but the occasional judge show and many Maury paternity tests. It started to make my brain hurt and I had to wonder how people can watch this stuff every day? Especially since most of the ads are aimed at the jobless telling them to either get off their lazy asses and get some job training, or to send in their prized possessions for quick cash. Thankfully though, I was never there when The View was on:

(guest host) D.L. Hughley: When you look at the prevalence of HIV in the African American Community–it’s primarily young women who are getting it from men who are on the down low. That’s the thing.

Actually… no, it isn’t. That quote was from the June 22nd episode from a segment discussing the FDA ban on gay and bi men giving blood. The regular host Sherri Shepherd–already known for regularly saying stupid stuff–backed up this misconception and both hosts were content to make black men who have sex with men (MSM) the scapegoats for the high rate of blacks with HIV. Additionally the network has–so far–refused to correct or retract the erroneous statements made on the air.

Normally I’m not concerned with the drivel that media idiots spout, but more and more there’s a very dangerous trend of people in our society not questioning what they hear, and of pundits never fact-checking themselves or admitting when they’re wrong. The View has millions of viewers daily and even though they can hide behind the wall of “it’s opinion, not fact,” that just isn’t good enough. I hope they respond to the numerous petitions and either make their position clear or prompt yet another mea culpa on the show to correct their misinformation.

And now for a quick WIN comes this UK ad for the Renault Twingo. It seems that the ads I notice most often are either for cars or beer, two things that I neither own nor want. Weird.

It’s short and sweet and like many ads has very little to do with the product it’s advertising, but it’s still cute. It’s no French McDonald’s ad*, but the tagline is apt, “We live in modern times.”

But hey, it’s Friday and I’m done–for real this time–with radiation treatments, so I hope everyone has an easy day and is looking forward to a great weekend! :mrgreen:

* Which brings another example of FAIL to mind as Don Thompson, US chief of operations for McDonald’s says that the ad won’t be shown/adapted for the United States as it goes against their “core values”.

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3 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    First, congrats on the end of the treatments! Have a Manhattan for me, if you like them. Otherwise some other drink you like!

    Second, Maury. My dad (RIP) used to watch Maury religiously when he himself was almost blind and deaf and had to sit a couple of feet away from the screen and use headphones with an amp. He was in his early 80’s. He WAS my father… (couldn’t resist that.)

    Third, the Twingo ad is very popular here. It’s been shown all through the French Open and some other tournament, not Wimbledon, which HWMBO watches, so I can’t avoid them. Not that I want to avoid that one–I like it that when the kid yells out “Dad!” all three of the older drag queens look over.

    • urb says:

      Thanks Chris! I’m glad to be done with the daytime television for now and I wish we got ads like that Twingo one here, it’s quick and clever like many of our car ads, but unfortunately would get boycotted off the air within hours of airing.

  2. Aditi L says:

    Great post!


    1. Women who have sex with a man who has sex with a man can’t donate blood for one year- so even if it is true that gay men were passing HIV to women (which it’s not), women are still supposed to wait one year before donating.
    2. Those statistics are all taken from STD clinics- that doesn’t represent the general population. And gay men visit STD clinics more than other demographics because they’re hyper-aware and want to keep safe.

    The ban just doesn’t make sense any more- scientifically, medically, politically- it’s not longer a public health issue, it’s just homophobic.

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