Pat yo’ weave, ladies…

It was definitely a weekend of ups and downs, so why not start off the week on a fun note. I know people have various opinions on Beyoncé, mostly acidic, as any time spent on the LJ channel in City of Heroes has shown me. (Don’t even think about hatin’ up in here!) I’m not a fan of all of her songs, but there are some that I can’t deny are just plain fun. Get Me Bodied is definitely one of those tracks. The beat and rhythm is straight out of Louisiana and listening to it reminds me something we’d listen to when we was doing double-dutch back in the day. Not that I could do that today as I’d probably hurt myself and the surrounding city block. Still it’s fun to listen to, the video is fun to watch — she even got her former Destiny’s Child-mates and her little sister in on it. And this video shows what choreographers have known for decades. Any upper body dance move performed by a woman looks 5 times as impressive when she’s got an “I Dream of Jeannie” hairpiece on.

4/28/07 17:32A high point of the weekend was a very successful cheesecake. Normally my cheesecakes crack, this doesn’t make them taste any different, it just means that there was still too much temperature differential when I pop them in the fridge to cool overnight. However most of the time I start baking in the afternoon or evening and it only takes about 15 mins to mix and and hour to bake. But I have to let it sit in the oven until it cools down enough to put in the fridge — or until I’m ready to fall asleep — usually about 5 or 6 hours. Normally I still get a result like this but this time it turned out very well, no crack, even a nice brown edge (probably from brushing the hot springform with room temp butter before pouring the batter in). It went over well at the potluck and netted me two proposals, sadly they were from men old enough to be my father, but it’s nice to have my goods appreciated.

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  1. shindo says:

    Beyonce’s got the Dream of Jeannie/Madonna Blond Ambition thing with the hairpiece and Tina Turner action with the dress — very diva. It’s a good thing she’s filmed mostly upper body because she’s not as kinetic as Tina (i.e. dancing with the legs). Nonetheless, she does look groovy.

    That cheesecake looks absolutely sinful!Yummm!

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