reality: there’s no whining in fashion!

I don’t watch Project Runway (or any reality shows, they’re a deal-breaker for me) but found the following part of a critique of a recent episode by Tom & Lorenzo–shared by friend J. M. Kincaid–to be both hilarious and appropriate:

Listen, asshole. When you are barred from marrying, adopting children, serving in the military, visiting your spouse in the hospital, or even joining the fucking Boy Scouts, you get the right to whine about how unfair life is. When packs of gay men go around taunting, beating and even killing straight men, you get to whine about how unfair life is. When political parties use you as both a punching bag and a fundraising tool without ever doing anything to improve your lot in life or even ensuring that you have basic civil rights, you get to whine about how unfair life is. When Tim Gunn points out your piece of shit dress is a piece of shit dress, you thank him for the critique, get back to work, and try to salvage the mess you made.

Apparently recently auf’ed contestant Jason Troisi had been a bit of a diva wannabe on this episode which, frankly, comes across to most as just being an asshole. But what prompted the above tirade, and might elicit one from me in the same situation was his statement to Tim Gunn, “I’m a straight man in a gay man’s world,” and his feeling that he should be cut some slack for that.

A quick search shows that nearly every season has had straight male contestants, but I can’t speak to whether they were just token “minorities” or not. Still, when I look at the dress he created, I uh… may not be a fashion designer, but I know what I don’t like.

Safety pins… as a backup plan… really!? I’d make a joke about my jeans circa 1989 calling, but I’m sure the internet’s already got it covered. :mrgreen:

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2 Responses

  1. Shaw Girl says:

    No, the straight male contestants in past seasons weren’t tokens. One even won – Jeffrey Sebelia. Jason was just a bad designer, period. He came onto the show with an attitude and took offense to any criticism he received. His comment about being a straight man in a gay man’s world was a bullshit excuse for his crappy construction and design skills.

  2. shindo says:

    He needs to man-up and stop whining. Really. The world of fashion doesn’t care if one’s a ‘mo or not. It’s nothing special. They do care about if the talent and sellability. Talent gets the designer far and noticed, but the second one definitely determines their staying power. Hopefully, given real working conditions, this guy will actually have something that reflects both.

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